112 Emergency Response Site Security Services 10 questions to ask before choosing residential security services

10 questions to ask before choosing residential security services

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Nobody wants to go through the ordeal of having their home broken into. Home should be a place of safety; a haven to come back to. By choosing the right residential security services to protect you and your home, you can keep yourself safe and give yourself peace of mind.

While most people would list a safe, crime-free, area as one of their top requirements when buying or moving to a new home, sometimes we simply don’t have a choice about where we live. We may have to move into a certain city or neighborhood because of cost considerations or because that is where we are working.

Plus, even though the popular perception of a burglar may be someone sneaking around in the middle of the night to steal valuables, home break-ins can also pose a threat to you and your family, not just to your possessions.

That’s why every household, from large families to business executives who live alone in a second home for part of the week to be close to work, need to make security a key consideration. Property developers and management services who incorporate residential security measures in their designs and overall plans find that their homes and services are much more attractive than those which don’t bear security in mind.

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Here are 10 questions to ask when looking for residential security services

If you have decided that you want the protection and peace of mind that residential security services can bring, how do you make sure you are employing the right residential security experts? Here are the questions you need to ask.

What is the response time?

You will want to ask about specifics from your residential security service. It’s not enough to know what they will vaguely be guarding your home. For instance, do they provide an alarm system, or advice on what to choose for your property? How long and how often are they on site? If the alarm does go off or they receive a call from you, how long would it take them to respond?

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Do they understand your needs?

Not all security guard services are the same. You will want to make sure that you aren’t getting a generic security service, but that the firm you opt for understands, and can deal with, the difference between providing security for residential premises and for a business or warehouse. Site security services can vary enormously in terms of what they should provide depending on the security issues and the premises involved.

Do they have experience?

Before you decide upon a residential security company, make sure that they have experience in providing such a service. As a property developer or property management company, for example, you will want to make sure that the security guards on site are able to communicate politely and effectively with residents, that they can deal with risky situations without putting residents in harm’s way. They should also be able to assess and mitigate the chance of any problems occurring.


Are they good at spotting anything out of the ordinary?

As a residential security guard, it’s vital to be able to watch for, and recognize patterns. Your security service will have an aptitude for remembering names and faces, as well as getting to know the routines of residents. That way, if anything is out of the ordinary, they will notice straight away.

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that are unobtrusive yet effective?

No one wants to feel at risk in their own home, even if they live in an area which could be notorious for crime. Research has shown that a manned security solution rather than just using security cameras acts as a deterrent for criminals. Your residential security services should provide a reassuring presence for residents while allowing them to live their lives as they want to, with total peace of mind.

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Can they cope in a crisis?

The whole point of residential security services is to act as a deterrent to make sure that you don’t fall victim to break-ins. But if the worst happens and you, your family or your home are under threat, does the company you have chosen provide security personnel with the right level of training to be able to keep you safe?

If you think you may need residential security services, you can contact us to talk through the best options for your home or your property company.

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