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How a security company can keep you, your family and business safe.

As a security company, PT. Satria Mokoginta Zen Perkasa | 112 Emergency Response brings 20 years of unique industry knowledge and experience to the security sector in Indonesia. Our strategy is to form a strong partnership between police, law enforcement and government security agencies to mitigate against potential security threats in commercial and domestic situations.

Security company that provides safe and secure passage

Our modus operandi of researching the local security landscape from within, gives us a unique vantage point from which to protect our clients and provide safe, secure passage regardless of the geographical or security terrain. With our use of key intelligence and surveillance operations, our understanding of the threats allows us to lead from the front in security and protection.

We use a range of surveillance techniques, coupled with our extensive local and international experience to plan, assess and managing a variety of threats within Jakarta, Bali, and Papua. As a professional security company dealing with the threat of terrorism, ethnic and religions tensions and street crime on a regular basis, we use our expertise in risk management.

As a professional security company, we continuously update our training and use the most innovative security methods to give our security protection services the professional edge over other local security firms. Our solid well-planned system for delivering security solutions has been proven, tried and tested over 20 years. Our client feedback attests to our success.

Indonesia represents one of the most challenging regions due to unique internal security threats. As such, we provide a range of close protection armed security services to protect our clients. Our extensive security guard solutions, including domestic, commercial and site security monitoring can be viewed on our website. We utilize skilled and highly trained single point of contact operatives who provide security throughout commercial and domestic settings. Whether you require emergency response, covert intelligence or discreet bodyguard protection, we have the capacity and experience to cater to your needs.

Our security guards undergo rigorous and regular military standard training to deal effectively with every security scenario. All our security operatives are involved in regular training drills and hostile firearm training to ensure that we can deal with all eventualities whether petty crime or high grade threats.

We don’t wait for issues to arise, rather, we put in place highly sophisticated security measures which implement a 360-degree risk assessment in order to ensure our clients and their businesses are safe and secure.

We put safety and security of our clients, their facilities, businesses and personnel, front and centre, giving them the peace of mind to carry out their business in safety and security as well as with ease and convenience.

It is a testament to the experience and trust invested in us by clients that we are the go-to company throughout one of security’s most challenging regions for clients who require close security protection, and escorted security in transit. That our clients repeatedly use our services, tells us we’re doing many things right and clients understand that we offer the highest standard of security service within Indonesia, primarily across Jakarta, Bali, and Papua.

We are a trusted supplier of multi-lingual drivers and armed security personnel who have the skills and contacts to mediate with key players within the local and national arena. Our contacts and understanding of the region are second to none, which is evidenced by our recurrent business from international and local companies and organisations who rely on our services for their continued safety and security.

If you need a trusted security team who will provide panoramic security protection using the latest technology, combined with unparalleled experience and local knowledge, contact us below.


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