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10 reasons to hire event security services

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If you are organizing a major event, there are so many reasons that you may need to hire event security services – not least the fact that you are unlikely to get insurance cover if you don’t. But on top of that, tragic happenings in recent years have taught us that even at what should be the happiest of events, you need to expect the unexpected and make sure you offer proper protection for all attendees. That is why you should consider event security services.

Here are the main reasons you may want to hire event security services

There are so many reasons to hire event security services to make sure your event is successful. Here are the 10 major reasons to consider.

Celebrity protection

For those who are organizing a major music event, such as a concert or a festival, you may have several security issues to consider. It’s not just controlling the crowd of concert-goers that you need to think about, but also protecting your artists. For instance, you could have A-list singers who need celebrity protection on top of the security needed to manage your event. Event security services are what you need.

In one recent example, a man stalking Wrecking Ball-singer Miley Cyrus was arrested at one of her concerts, while Lana del Rey’s stalker was arrested with a knife at her concert in Orlando. Security personnel will already have been briefed about whether there is anyone they need to look out for in the crowd. Not only that, but they can ensure that the crowd stays far enough back from the stage, and that the performers are not mobbed by fans in a situation which could soon get out of hand.


Crowd control

When you organize an event, one of the goals is to attract ticket sales or a certain number of attendees. But, with large crowds also come issues of crowd control. Any kind of event can become disorderly, or even deadly, if the crowd is not managed properly. This is particularly true if you are holding an event where alcohol is involved. But, there are dangers even if no drinking is taking place. 

There have been a number of crowd disasters where people have been killed and injured as a result of improper crowd management. Many deaths have occurred at sporting events such as football matches, including Indonesian soccer fans crushed during a game against Malaysia. But there have also been incidents wherever there are crowds. For instance, four girls were crushed to death at a mall in Jakarta during a boyband signing session, while 10 people were killed during a stampede at a rock concert in Central Java. Other crush incidents have happened at concerts, festivals, religious events and even at retail stores.

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Terror threats

If you are holding any type of event, it goes without saying that you want it to be a happy, or useful, or interesting experience, depending on the event itself. For instance, you may be organizing a music concert, or a conference for politicians or business people. But even the happiest of events can turn to tragedy in an instant. This was shown so very clearly by the bombing of Manchester Arena in the UK after an Ariana Grande concert. Twenty-three people were killed and 139 injured. Many of them were children. In recent years, a concert at a night market in Aceh was also targeted by bombers. The event security services you choose should have experienced, highly-trained individuals who can recognize signs of suspicious activity as well as dealing with a crisis in the worst-case scenario.


An emergency

Many of these crowd control issues described above have occurred because of an emergency situation such as a fire, when people were so desperate to escape the premises, they ended up crushing or trampling on others. Event security staff will be able to help make sure that your emergency evacuation procedures are followed to safeguard life.

Preventing or managing media access

Particularly if you are holding an event involving major celebrities, you may find that media representatives try to get in even if they are not allowed. For instance, you may have agreed that photographers can enter for the first two songs of a concert. An event security guard can ensure they leave at the allotted time. Or, a celebrity couple may be getting married at your venue, where photographers coming in could ruin a lucrative magazine deal for your A-listers. 

Preventing gatecrashers

And, it’s not just media you have to worry about. You could find yourself being targeted by gatecrashers who either couldn’t get a ticket, can’t afford tickets, or just want to get in to make a point. For instance, the famous Glastonbury music festival in the UK had to be called off one year because organizers were so worried about safety over fears that up to 100,000 gatecrashers could make their way in without tickets. Event security is essential to ensure that only those who have a ticket can get in.

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Your event may be controversial

What if you are holding an event which could prove controversial for any number of reasons? For example, you may be organizing a political conference or a religious event. Either of these could be targeted by protesters who could turn violent.


Most major events will require security to ensure that you are covered by insurance if anything does go wrong. Authorities, law enforcement and insurance companies will want to make sure that you have the right levels of security in place to mitigate any risk involved in holding an event.


Expanding on the point above, while no-one wants to think about anything going wrong at their event, if the worst does happen, you could find yourself the subject of legal action. You need to prove that you did everything in your power to ensure the safety of your event attendees. Having event security services in place can show that you acted responsibly.

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