112 Emergency Response Site Security Services Signs that you need to hire retail security services for your business

Signs that you need to hire retail security services for your business

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As a major retail store or mall, it goes without saying that you want to attract customers to your premises. But, as well as your customers, you also run the risk of attracting opportunist thieves, more organized criminals and, especially for bigger malls, could even be at risk of terrorist activity.

7 signs you need to hire retail security services

Here are the signs to look out for that you need to consider hiring retail security services for your business.

You are losing money

It’s obvious that retailers need to make money to stay in business. Even the biggest retailers on the high street aren’t immune to closure if they aren’t in profit. But your bottom line isn’t just about the quality of your goods or how much stock you sell and by what profit margin. As a retail store, you will be targeted by shoplifters.

Not only that, but you could find yourself having problems with dishonest staff. For example, in Singapore recently, a former employee of Decathlon hit the headlines for exploiting a loophole to steal $15,000 (sgd) by making false refund transactions. Retail security services will help you to assess your risk and to provide advice about how you can protect yourself, as well as acting as a deterrent and, in the worst case scenario, catching thieves in the act. If you find you have lost stock when you carry out your next inventory, it could be a sign you need retail security services.

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You are having problems with shoplifters

Of course, you may not need an inventory to realize that you are losing stock. Often store personnel see shoplifters in the act but they may be busy dealing with other customers and can’t react in time, or retail staff may, understandably, not want to confront a shoplifter. A security guard should have training to be able to step in and deal with the situation. Plus, a specialist retail security guard will be able to spot anyone acting suspiciously even before they attempt to take any goods.

You have security fears

It isn’t just theft that you have to worry about either as a retail mall or standalone store. Malls have become targets for large-scale protests and shootings as well as terror activity, with terrorists deliberately singling out shopping centers to create a climate of fear. For instance, in recent years, more than 70 people were killed and 200 wounded during a terror attack at a mall in Kenya.

Meanwhile terror threats are regularly issued against retail stores and malls in major cities. In the 90s, the Plaza Atrium shopping center in Jakarta was targeted in a bomb attack. You can’t expect your retail staff to be able to deal with such incidents. The best retail security specialists have high-grade training to enable them to safeguard life in a crisis situation.

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You have traffic congestion or parking problems

Often problems encountered by retail stores can be very mundane, but they can still have a big impact on your business. If you find you have traffic congestion around your store or parking problems resulting in the flow of traffic to your store being impacted, you may want to hire specialist retail security staff. That way, you can ensure that your customers won’t have a problem with being dropped off, picked up, or finding a parking space so they can come to your store.

Retail security services can help improve your customer service

A retail security guard isn’t just there to help you in a crisis. If you want to beef up your customer service offering, have you thought about hiring security personnel rather than an extra retail assistant? For example, shoppers are probably very comfortable with asking for directions from a security guard. Plus a security guard can help in situations where a child has become lost or someone would like an escort to their car at night. A security guard can provide a reassuring presence, adding to the overall customer service experience at your premises.

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Your store stocks particularly valuable goods

Any store can be the victim of thieves. Even the smallest corner store can fall foul of petty criminals who steal small items like chocolate bars, or higher value goods like bottles of alcohol. But, if you have a store which sells particularly high-end goods, you could find yourself being targeted not just by opportunist thieves but by highly-organized criminals or gangs.

For instance, stores selling designer handbags have been targeted by thieves who launch smash and grab operations by grabbing goods and escaping via motorbike, while jewelry stores are notoriously the target of armed robbers. Retail security services personnel will provide protection and peace of mind for your store and your customers.

You want to make sure there are no gaps in your security

Perhaps you already have security patrols at night to make sure that there are no break-ins while your premises are empty. And that absolutely makes sense. After all, you are not going to take all of your stock away with you every night. But as well as that after-hours security presence, you may want to add retail security services during the day. That way, you will ensure there are no gaps in your site security services which could be taken advantage of by criminals.

If you would like to talk about whether you could need retail security services, you can always contact us and we’ll be happy to offer advice.


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