112 Emergency Response Site Security Services Why you could need security guard services in Indonesia

Why you could need security guard services in Indonesia

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Wherever you live and work in the world, there are many and varied reasons why you might need security guard services to give you protection and peace of mind.

According to recent statistics, there is a burglary every 13 seconds in the US alone, for example, while the UK has hit the headlines time and time again this year because of increasing knife crime, and the countries with the highest murder rates are El Salvador and Jamaica.

By comparison, Indonesia has one of the lowest murder rates in the world.

On the whole, Indonesia is as safe, if not safer, than anywhere for expats, visitors and residents. That being said, Indonesia has a rising crime rate along with a population where there is a vast gap between rich and poor.

Recent statistics also suggest that many crimes go unreported in Indonesia and, like any other country across the globe, there are parts of Indonesia where you are more likely to encounter problems than others.

Here is why considering security guard services in Indonesia could be a good idea

While the reasons to hire security in Indonesia are many and varied, here are the main issues you should consider.

To keep your home safe

Anywhere where there is a big divide between rich and poor tends to lead to opportunistic crime. You may wish to consider security guard services which specialize in residential security to make sure that your home, and your family, are safe and sound.

In one high-profile case recently, six people were found dead after being locked in a tiny bathroom overnight when they were targeted by burglars in the upmarket neighborhood of Pulo Mas, Jakarta. The Overseas Security Advisory Council specifically advises those living in Indonesia to invest in alarm systems and live in houses with grilles and strong doors, as well as employing a residential security guard if possible.

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To safeguard your business

No matter what sort of business you own or you are responsible for, security guard services are vital to secure your business interests and to protect your profits, your patrons and your staff. If you are in the nightlife business, you will definitely need to look for bouncers to hire to protect your premises, and the same holds true for retail firms as well as places where site security is vital, such as property developments.

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To keep you safe on business travel

Tens of thousands of expats make Indonesia their home because of their work, and the vast majority of residents and foreign professionals go about their business without incident. But, there are still safety fears in Indonesia, particularly if you are carrying large sums of cash or valuables with you, or you need to visit certain areas as part of your work. There are kidnapping fears in some parts of the region, including Papua.

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Because of ongoing unrest and terror threats

Indonesia remains on high-alert and there are travel warnings in place across many parts of the country, including Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya and other large cities. Terrorists are known to target places where westerners and expats tend to congregate, while large-scale demonstrations are also an all-too common part of life in cities like Jakarta. Hiring experts in the field of security guard services will help you to assess any risks and keep you safe. You could consider hiring personal protection if needed.

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To get through traffic

If you look for a well-rounded security guard services company in Indonesia, they will be able to offer you all sorts of security services; not just security patrols. With Jakarta, for example, suffering some of the worst traffic congestion on the planet, you may want a traffic escort to get you through it.

Whatever the reason, or reasons, you may need security guard services, we can talk you through a tailored service for you.

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