112 Emergency Response Site Security Services How to decide if your business needs site security services

How to decide if your business needs site security services

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It’s easy to get so caught up in profit margins when you are running a business that you neglect other aspects of business planning, such as what level of site security services you may need to safeguard your interests.

Of course the bottom line is about making a living, providing for yourself and your family, and for your staff, depending on the size of your business. But running a business means having plans in place to minimize risk and to protect yourself if the unexpected does happen. That’s why you will want to consider site security services.

Here is what to consider when deciding if your business needs site security services

There are many considerations to factor in when thinking about the right site security services for your site. Here are 11 questions to ask yourself.

What type of business do I have?

Any business, no matter how big or how small is at risk of crime. Even the smallest of stores can find themselves the victim of petty theft, while larger businesses can be targeted by more organized criminals.

Site security can be vital for so many types of business, including retail stores who may fall victim to theft, construction sites which may be targeted by vandals or thieves trying to take materials or equipment, to high-profile firms which need security on site to ensure that order is kept and no-one enters who shouldn’t be there.

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Are you losing money because of crime?

While businesses are necessarily about making a profit, if your company is falling victim to crime such as theft from your premises or vandalism, this will all be eating into your bottom line. Employing site security services, such as specialist retail security services can actually save you money.

Are you staff and customers worried about coming to your business?

Depending on the area your business is in, you may find that your staff and customers have safety concerns about coming to work or visiting you. Employing site security could help to boost morale, safeguard your employees and bring more customers through your doors because of the reassuring presence security services bring.

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Are you worried about being sued?

Have you thought about what happens in the worst case scenario at your business? For instance if an employee falls victim to assault, either from a disgruntled customer, for instance, or because of safety issues in your carpark at night, what would you do if they launch legal action? A security service could be the best way to prevent any issues from taking place in the first place. But, if the worst happens, you will be able to prove that you employed security staff to safeguard your place of work and your employees.

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Do you serve alcohol?

It goes without saying that anywhere that serves alcohol may suffer from disorder issues. If you own a bar or nightclub, you will definitely want to consider security both during opening hours to act a deterrent to any trouble breaking out, and when you are closed, to prevent break-ins and theft.

Do you have large sums of cash, valuables or confidential information at your business?

Your business will be particularly at risk if you have large sums of cash on the premises or you have valuable stock. Banks and financial institutions could fall victim to highly-organized criminals for example, while stores which stock jewelry or high-worth items such as designer handbags could find they are targeted by smash-and-grab thieves. Even if the items you hold aren’t valuable goods, you may find your business is targeted by rivals if you hold confidential corporate information.

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Do you have traffic problems?

Many businesses have parking and traffic problems. Without security personnel to keep the flow of traffic moving and to make sure everyone is parked where they should be, you can quickly find that the traffic outside your business is jammed up, leading to frustration and meaning that your clients and customers can’t get to you.

How long do I need security services for?

It could be that you want to consider temporary security solutions to meet your changing needs. For instance, you may be a property development company needing site security services to safeguard your development site while your build is taking place. After that, your needs could change and you may need to employ residential security services following the completion of your project.

Looking for a company which offers a range of security services will ensure your security needs can be met, even if they change from year to year. Another reason you may want to consider temporary site security services may be because your business is based somewhere where there are currently extra security fears, a spate or crime or ongoing unrest.

For instance, many businesses are stepping up security as a result of anti-government protests in Hong Kong while firms in Jakarta are assessing security because of regular rallies, demonstrations and protests. Venues around the world have also stepped up security as a result of terrorism activity in the likes of Bali and Jakarta, where places with western interests are at particular risk.

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What kind of area is my business in?

Anywhere in the world you do business in will come with its own risks and rewards. For instance, you may be lucky enough to have a shop in an area with a large footfall. But the crowds who walk past everyday can contain not just customers, but also shoplifters. Or, your business may be somewhere that is particularly at risk of terror activity. For example, clubs in Bali were deliberately targeted in terror attacks in recent years.

Your firm may be sited somewhere where the gap between rich and poor leads to opportunistic thefts. For instance, you may have a property development site on the edge of a community where theft is rife. You may also be at risk because you are in a vulnerable, isolated location.


Do I have a carpark for my business?

Most firms will offer parking provision to their staff. Employees, clients and customers may worry about leaving their car outside, or walking back to it, particularly in the hours of darkness, if your carpark is not manned by security personnel. And, their fears definitely have a basis in reality. Many crimes take place in carparks, particularly those that are not well lit or that are without security guards. Incidents include car theft, theft from vehicles, and more serious crimes such as assault.

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Do I also need residential security?

When considering business security, you should also be thinking about your security needs as a whole. If you are in the property business, it could be you need residential security services because you want to make your new developments more attractive to prospective residents.

But, even if you aren’t in the property industry, you will want to think about your business and home life together. If you regularly take confidential documents home, for example, you want to make sure that both your business and your home are safe. By considering your security needs together, you can make sure that there are aren’t any gaps in your security protection, keeping not just your business but the rest of your interests safe too.

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If you feel you may need site security services, either permanently or for a certain period of time, you can always contact us to talk through your requirements.

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