112 Emergency Response VIP Services Should you consider VIP airport services when traveling to Indonesia?

Should you consider VIP airport services when traveling to Indonesia?

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Unless you’re plane spotting, no-one wants to be in the airport for longer than necessary when traveling. If you’re traveling for business or on a family holiday, there’s nothing more frustrating than touching down only for it to take hours to traverse the likes of passport control, immigration and baggage. Here’s how VIP airport services could help if you are traveling to Indonesia.

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What to look out for when choosing VIP airport services in Indonesia

You will want to get off your flight and to your office or hotel with the minimum of time and the minimum of fuss. Whether you are traveling to Jakarta on business or Bali for a holiday, here are the essentials you should look for when choosing VIP and fast track airport services in Indonesia.

Will the VIP airport service take me the whole way through the airport?

A good airport service will take care of you by meeting you at the air-bridge when you get off your flight, or at the earliest point they can wait for you when you get into the airport terminal building. They will be able to help you through passport control as well as with showing your visa or with other visa needs upon arrival as well as whisking you through security checks. The service will also be on hand to find your checked luggage for you and to speed you through customs so you can get to your driver. If there are any gaps in the service, you may still face lengthy waits, so you need to make sure you will be taken from your flight to the exit without any delays.

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Am I travelling with anyone who needs extra help?

If you’re traveling alone, on business, you’ll be more than capable of finding your way through the airport to where to need to go. But, that still doesn’t mean you can get there quickly. You need a fast track service with the right contacts and personnel to ensure that you have minimal, or no, queuing time as you make your way from your flight. This quick service could be even more important if you are travelling with children or elderly members of your family who can’t manage to stand in queues for long periods of time.

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Does the VIP airport services end at the airport doors?

While you should have had a smooth transition from your flight to your driver, you will want to look for a VIP security company which offers a well-rounded service to ensure there are no gaps in either your service experience or in the protection you need. For instance, you may wish to continue your journey with a VIP traffic escort through Jakarta where traffic is notoriously congested, or you may like to book security specialists who can protect your private villa while you are on your trip.

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What about my departure?

When the time comes to go home, you will want to ensure that you can quickly get from your hotel to your plane. If you opt for a full security service, you will simply be able to reverse the process and book your traffic escort to take you to the airport before the VIP airport service takes you through check-in, passport and security checks to get to your plane. They can also escort you to your VIP lounge if you have booked one and then can wait to get you to your flight.

In short, VIP airport services should ensure that you save time so that your trip is a smoother, more enjoyable experience.

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