112 Emergency Response Close Protection Services Why the best close protection services bodyguards have these 10 qualities

Why the best close protection services bodyguards have these 10 qualities

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Most people know what a personal bodyguard does, or at least they think they do, thanks to countless movies in which they are depicted. Bodyguards can also be referred to as close protection officers. But, whatever term you prefer to use, how do you make sure that you choose the best close protection services for you?

What to look for when choosing the best close protection services


These are the personality traits you should be looking for when searching for the best close protection services bodyguards.

Situational awareness


 In an ideal situation, a close protection officer will have already been able to scope out the place or area you are visiting to make sure that it is as safe as possible for you. But, even if this is not possible, your CPO will still have high levels of situational awareness to seek out such things as escape routes in the event of an emergency as well as scanning the crowd for anyone acting in a suspicious manner. They will have a sharp enough eye to react immediately if anything, or anyone, looks out of place.

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 While the stereotypical view of a close protection officer is someone who is big, bulky and who wears a black suit and sunglasses, this is not the image of a modern day CPO. While some celebrities, for example, may deliberately want to employ a close protection officer because of their size and physical presence, most people need a close protection officer who can blend in rather than stand out. They should be detail orientated. For example, if they will be attending a high-society event with you, do they know which button they should fasten on their suit jacket?

Physically fit


 Your CPO may need to be physically fit to deal with any threats against your person. But, that’s not only for that reason. If you are someone who leads a fit and healthy lifestyle, they need to be able to keep up. It’s no good that they are lagging behind if you like to take a brisk morning jog before heading into the office.

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Military-grade training


Not a characteristic in itself, but certainly a quality your close protection services officer should possess is a high level of training. You want to make sure your CPO can handle themselves no matter what the situation, even if the unexpected happens. Make sure that the close protection services officer you choose has regular, high-level training.

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They should be unflappable


Nothing should faze a close protection services officer. They should have been there, done that and seen it all. That means no matter what happens, they always keep a cool head, meaning they can cope with anything you need them to, from simply getting you from one side of the city to another with confidential documentation you need for a meeting, to dealing with worse case scenarios such as kidnap threats in volatile parts of the world.

They need good judgement


Sometimes even the best training can’t teach someone to have good judgement. You need to choose a CPO who is capable of making the right decisions even when the pressure is on. This includes the ability to think ahead, but also to think on their feet. They need to have a calm manner even in a crisis and the ability to think critically no matter what is going on around them.

Communication skills 


You don’t necessarily need your CPO to be able to use their fists, but you do need them to be able to use their words. A CPO should have impeccable communication skills to allow them to ensure your best interests are taken into account on any business trip before you even reach your destination, but also to diffuse any potentially volatile situation before it gets out of hand.

They should be a team player but able to work alone


Your CPO needs to be able to work as part of a team. Perhaps, for example, they need to be able to communicate with other bodyguards at a high-profile event or business conference. They could need to make sure that close protection experts who are working on behalf of your peers are all working in unison. But, they also need to be able to work on their own without any input because, if you are in a risky situation, they may be the only one who can protect you.

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They must be discrete


Because your close protection officer will be in your company for a great deal of time, it goes without saying that they will probably get to know you and your routines as well as your family does. They will see who you associate with, who you do business with, and they may be subject to confidential information which could be valuable to corporate rivals. They need to be discrete enough not to reveal any of the details of your personal or business life. 

They should have your best interests at heart


 A close protection officer differs from other types of security because it their job to look after the principal (ie you). This is their number one priority and they should never forget this. They should remain loyal to you and always have your safety at the heart of any decisions. A bodyguard could quite literally be your hero in an emergency.

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If you want to discuss whether close protection services could keep you safe, you can contact us to talk about whether this is a service you really need.

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