112 Emergency Response VIP Services Why everyone should consider a VIP traffic escort in Jakarta

Why everyone should consider a VIP traffic escort in Jakarta

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There are many reasons to fly into Jakarta whether you are travelling on business or for a family holiday. But, there is one big reason for frustration in Indonesia’s capital, and that is its traffic. With some of the worst traffic congestion in the world, just getting from the airport to your hotel or office can take hours. Here’s how a VIP traffic escort can help.

Depending on which traffic index you look at, Jakarta is either the worst city in the world for traffic congestion, or certainly within the top 10. The roads in and around Jakarta are gridlocked in morning and evening rush hours and the traffic can be jammed at any time of day.

But, you don’t have to join the traffic jam and sit there in frustration. Jakarta is one of the few cities in the world where you can hire a police escort to take you from the airport to your destination. You may need to get to a meeting in the city soon after your flight lands, or you may just want to start your family holiday without experiencing delays.

A VIP traffic escort can be arranged which includes police motorcycle outriders to make sure that your route is clear for you. Here is why you may wish to consider a VIP traffic escort on your next trip.

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It goes without saying that the main reason to hire a VIP traffic escort will probably be speed. According to statistics from Uber, the average driver in Jakarta spends 22 days of their life in traffic. When you consider that the average life expectancy in Indonesia is around 70 years’, that means they would spend more than four years of their life sitting in traffic.

As you definitely won’t want to be wasting any more of your life than you need to by being part of Jakarta’s infamous traffic jams, an escort can allow you to cut through traffic to reach your destination in around half the time it would otherwise have taken.

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Speed is not the only consideration when it comes to hiring a traffic escort. You may also wish to consider your safety and security. Professional drivers will be better able to handle the traffic chaos in Jakarta. Not only that, if you are a high-net-worth individual, you are carrying valuables or confidential documents, or you simply want to ensure that your most previous cargo – your family – is safe, a VIP traffic escort can be the solution.

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While you might think that hiring a VIP escort service is out of the price range of anyone but the super-rich, the service is actually very affordable, meaning it is a consideration that anyone can afford to think about. You really don’t need to be a head of state or royalty to enjoy a traffic escort. For instance, a transport service from the airport within the city area could cost a little over USD$350 while a full-day would cost around an extra USD$200. Traveling across a wider area could cost around USD$700. A VIP escort service is actually an affordable way to get from A to B quickly and safely.

For added kudos

If you are traveling to Indonesia on business and you need to make a good impression, what could signal status better than arriving with a VIP traffic escort? Pulling up to your office, hotel or meeting point in such a way is sure to impress peers and colleagues.


Traveling further afield with VIP traffic escort

You may not be staying within the Jakarta city area during your trip. If you are planning on visiting the wider region, it is possible to hire a traffic escort service for a full day, or even a number of days. This could be particularly helpful if you are visiting more isolated destinations where you are worried about your safety.

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To protect your family

Many people who travel on business may choose to bring their family with them so they can enjoy a holiday while you are working. To make sure they are safe while they are seeing the sights, you could hire a VIP traffic escort. That way you know they will get to do their shopping or sightseeing in safety, meaning you will have complete peace of mind so you can concentrate on what you need to do for your business.

As part of wider security considerations

To safeguard you and/or your family, you may wish to consider VIP traffic escorts as part of your wider security protection. VIP security services could also include everything from a VIP experience at the airport to close protection officers and security at the villa you are staying in.

To tick off an experience on your bucket list with VIP traffic escort

There are many serious reasons involving safety and security for hiring a VIP traffic escort. But, you may want to look into the service not because you need it, but because you want it. If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it feels like to travel in a motorcade, your trip to Jakarta could be the best time to tick this off your bucket list.

If you want to have a chat about, or book, a VIP traffic escort, feel free to contact us.

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