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How to choose the right bouncers for hire for your club

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Whether you run one nightclub, or you have a string of premises, one thing is clear; you will need to look for bouncers for hire.

It can be easy to get carried away with other details, particularly if it’s your first club, such as interior design, what your club will feature on the cocktail list, and the genre of music you will play. However, without professional bouncers or door supervisors you will find it impossible to uphold the high standards you want your club to be known for.

Plus, it’s not just a question of preventing the odd fight or keeping out wannabe patrons who are already too intoxicated to enter, there are much more serious security issues to consider.

For example, both Jakarta and Bali have a thriving nightlife scene with an eclectic mix of patrons including expats, tourists and residents. But both also have serious potential security concerns which bouncers need to be able to handle.

More than 200 people were killed in the Bali Bombings of 2002, including Australians, Britons and Indonesians, when suicide bombers launched an attack on two clubs in Kuta. Meanwhile, Jakarta has also suffered terror attacks in recent years.

So, when you need to employ bouncers for hire who will be able to deal with everything from a minor incident involving one patron, to a potential major threat, how do you make sure you are hiring the right personnel?

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Here is what to consider when looking for bouncers for hire

If you need to hire door supervisors or bouncers for your bars and/or clubs, here are six questions to consider.

Do they have good people management skills?

While the public perception of a bouncer may be of someone who throws out clubbers who are causing trouble or fighting, a good bouncer or door supervisor will do their utmost to make sure that a situation doesn’t escalate to that point.

Whereas once the key attribute for a bouncer was thought to be sheer physical size in order to intimidate those who could cause problems, club bosses are now looking for people with communication and negotiating skills so they can diffuse an issue before it turns into a big problem.

When looking for bouncers for hire, you should be looking for a company with door staff who have good people management skills. This needs to include the ability to communicate with patrons who have had too much to drink and therefore may not be thinking clearly. It’s better that your door personnel can avoid a fight from taking place at all rather than having to use force.

However, if someone does use violence in or outside your club, your bouncer will be able to use their communication prowess to talk through the situation with law enforcement authorities if they need to.

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Do they have good links with the police?

A good security agency will have formed strong relations with the police and government security services. That means not only will your door supervisors have the support they need from law enforcement officials if they do need to deal with any criminal activity, but they will also benefit from intelligence which could provide a warning of any likely risks to your business.

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Can they cope in a crisis?

Every nightclub has to deal with minor issues such as clubbers trying to get into the VIP area when they shouldn’t be there, queue jumping, or people trying to get into the club when they are already inebriated or have a fake ID. But how would your door staff cope if they were facing a real crisis? Could they handle the very worst case scenario? Have your bouncers had military-standard training to enable them to deal with a high-grade threat such as a terror attack or a shooting?

Is their training up-to-date?

When looking for bouncers for hire, it’s not enough to think about whether they look the part. The door supervisors you choose should have regular and rigorous training to make sure they are able to deal with everything from a couple becoming embroiled in an argument which is getting out of hand in your club, to a major threat to your premises and patrons.

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Are they part of a larger organization?

As well as hiring bouncers, you should think about your security needs as a whole. Look out for security firms which are well-rounded and can cater to different needs. For instance, perhaps you also need security guard services or maybe you need a personal bodyguard either because, as a club owner, you could be a target, or because you need to organize protection for a celebrity visiting your club. You may travel between different premises and need a traffic escort, or maybe you need alarm services.

Looking for a firm which can handle all of your needs will give you a single point of contact, and prevent any gaps in your security which could put you or your business at risk.

Will they represent your best interests?

You need to think not just about the cost of hiring a bouncer, but what the implications could be if you hire the wrong one. The reputation of your club could be at stake along with your license to serve alcohol. You need to make sure that the bouncers you hire always have the best interests of you and your business in mind.

If you are looking for bouncers for hire, you can contact us to talk about your needs.

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