112 Emergency Response VIP Services How these VIP security services will make travelling anywhere in Indonesia a breeze

How these VIP security services will make travelling anywhere in Indonesia a breeze

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Whether you’re travelling to Indonesia as part of a business trip or to spend a well-earned break with your family, the last thing you want to worry about is your safety. That’s why you may want to consider hiring VIP security services to make sure that your visit is memorable for all the right reasons.

It’s not just about hiring an escort to get you from the airport to your destination – although of course that is part of any well-rounded VIP security services package – but choosing the right security service can ensure that your trip runs smoothly and safely for you and your loved ones.

While Indonesia is generally one of the safest places in the world for travel, it is not without its own issues and potential trouble spots.

Bali, for example was the victim of recent terror attacks which specifically targeted westerners, while Jakarta is frequently disrupted by large-scale demonstrations, as well as being one of the world’s most congested cities. Meanwhile, there are problems with petty thefts and scams in various places across Indonesia.

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VIP security services options

These are just some of the elements that you could think about if you feel you could benefit from VIP security services while traveling to parts of Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bali, Central Kalimantan or Bandung.

VIP airport and traffic services

One you arrive in your destination, there is nothing worse than getting stuck in queues at the airport only to become stuck again in traffic. This can literally add on hours to the time it takes for you to get to your hotel or villa. You could consider VIP airport services to help you avoid the queues and the hassle, followed by a VIP traffic escort to get you to your destination in speed and style.

Jakarta, for example, is one place in the world where you can book a police escort as part of your VIP security services to quickly cut through traffic congestion. At all times of the day, you’ll find cars sitting in gridlock, or macet. It’s not just a problem confined to traditional rush hours. Plus, other parts of Indonesia aren’t immune from traffic problems. Bali, particularly the areas in and around Seminyak and Kuta, suffers from heavy traffic. An escort can save you valuable time whether you are on business or you just want to get to your villa so you can jump in your pool.

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The type of VIP vehicle you need

Depending on your security needs, there are a range of vehicles you could think about. It may be that you prefer to use more than one type of vehicle during your trip depending on what your itinerary is for any given day. A good VIP security services firm should be able to give you a choice of VIP vehicles including limousines, SUVs, motorbikes, minivans or an armored car. If you are travelling with family or you wish to make an entrance, you may wish to choose a limo, for instance, but if you need to get somewhere quickly and are travelling alone, a motorbike could be the best option. If you are heading to parts of Indonesia where there are security concerns, you are a particularly high-profile individual, or you will have valuable goods or documentation with you, an armored car will provide safety and peace of mind.

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High-risk VIP protection

Of course, your trip is not just about how you travel or what kind of vehicle you choose, but also your security at your destination. If you are particularly at risk because you have a high-profile or because you may have valuable items at your private villa, it is worth thinking about VIP protection. While many high-profile or high-net-worth individuals opt for a secluded villa because of the privacy that affords, being in an isolated area can also bring security concerns. Having VIP protection can enable you and your family to enjoy your trip safely.

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Protection for your business with VIP security services

Many people who travel to Indonesia opt to combine business with a vacation. You may wish to consider a security firm which can offer you a range of services. For instance, if you own a number of properties or work in the property development industry, you may need security as part of your construction project or property management needs. Look for a company with VIP security services which can look after your personal and professional security so you have one point of contact.

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If you do need security, you may not necessarily want everyone else in your vacation spot to know that you are traveling with a VIP escort. The best VIP protection officers not only have your safety at the heart of everything they do, but they are also adept at blending in wherever they are, or whatever the situation. VIP security services will allow you to enjoy your vacation like anyone else.

If you do want to discuss your VIP security needs, you can always contact us for a chat about the VIP security services we can offer.

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