112 Emergency Response Close Protection Services 10 times A-listers have needed celebrity protection to save them from danger

10 times A-listers have needed celebrity protection to save them from danger

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There can’t be an A-list celebrity alive who hasn’t, at some point, wished they could just pop to the store, the gym or a restaurant without being mobbed by fans or followed by paparazzi. But sometimes being followed and stared at everywhere they go isn’t just a nuisance for the rich and famous, but can be downright dangerous.

When celebrity protection services are vital


Here are 10 times A-listers needed celebrity protection to save them from the perils which come with being in the public eye. You can see just how serious these situations can be, so it’s understandable that celebrities will want to be sure that the right security is in place before they will agree to attend and event or perform at a concert or festival.

When Miley Cyrus’ stalker was arrested

Celebrity protection officers do a very specialist job. Not only must they have their eyes on their principal (the celebrity they are looking after) but they must also be constantly scanning any crowd for anything unusual. Miley Cyrus’ celebrity protection staff saved her from what could have been a dangerous situation when her obsessed stalker was spotted in the crowd at her Las Vegas concert. The stalker, who has made it his life’s mission to impregnate the former Hannah Montana star was arrested at the venue.

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To stop determined Taylor Swift stalkers

Pop superstar Taylor Swift has said she hasn’t been truly alone in years because of the need for 24/7 protection. One fan became so obsessed by his idol that he tried to swim two miles in darkness to get to the Look What you Made me do singer’s house on Rhode Island.

celebrity protection taylor swift


When Halle Berry received death threats

Bond girl Halle Berry definitely needed celebrity protection during a campaign of terror which ended with a long jail term for a deranged fan. The man, who was jailed for a year as well as being put on probation for five years’ was found at her home in Hollywood after breaking in several times over three days. While it’s not clear if she had protection at the time, close protection experts would have been able to check her home for intruders, offer her security advice and protect her from harm.

close protection services halle berryphoto by Gage Skidmore


When a fan squatted for days in Channing Tatum’s home

Of course, it’s not just female celebrities who fall victim to crazed fans. The Magic Mike actor Channing Tatum recently took out a restraining order against a women who had broken into his empty house in Hollywood and lived there for 10 days while he was away. It’s usually a good idea for celebrities to take on security specialists who can offer a full service from providing security guard patrols at vacant and lived-in properties, to providing close protection.

celebrity protection channing tatumphoto by Gage Skidmore

When terrorists blew up Ariana Grande’s concert venue

Tragically, celebrities could also find themselves the victims not just of stalkers but of terrorists. Dozens of concert goers were killed or wounded straight after an Ariana Grande concert in the UK when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb as fans were leaving. The singer would have been in desperate need of celebrity protection specialists at the time to not only make sure that she got out of the venue safely, but to provide a reassuring presence by remaining calm in a terrifying situation.

celebrity protection Ariana Grandephoto by Emma


Celebrities who needed saving from being crushed

Anywhere that a major celebrity goes, a crowd can form. And, where there is a crowd, there are risks, not least from being crushed if the situation becomes disorderly. Fans have been killed at a celebrity hip-hop basketball game in New York, while a signing by the boyband A1 in Indonesia resulted in the deaths of four teenage girls who were crushed trying to see their idols. The celebrities involved in such incidents would also have needed protection not only to ensure the crowd was controlled, but to make sure they could get out safely if things got out of hand. In these cases, event security specialists need to work hand-in-hand with celebrity protection officers.

When her celebrity protection officer saved Madonna from extreme threats

While some stalkers may stop at threatening notes or waiting outside a celebrity’s home, one man who broke into Madonna’s home seemed to have murderous intentions. Madonna’s bodyguard testified during a court hearing that he had to shoot a man on the singer’s estate after he threatened to “slit her throat from ear to ear”. A well-trained celebrity protection officer will be able to assess the difference between empty threats and those which could become a dangerous reality.

When chased by paparazzi

The most famous example by far of a celebrity death where paparazzi have been a factor was that of Princess Diana. A French investigation of the crash found that the driver had been inebriated and under the effects of prescription drugs. While there have been many rumours and theories surrounding the crash, one thing is clear; celebrities with such a high profile need the services of cool, calm and collected celebrity protection officers who can give them the best advice, even in rapidly changing situations.

celebrity protection paparazzi


When celebrities are their own worst enemy

It’s no secret that many celebrities battle their own addiction demons, but a celebrity protection officer will always have their best interests at heart, no matter what their behaviour. Pop star Demi Levato’s celebrity protection officer is credited with saving her life when he administered first aid after a suspected overdose. She agreed to go to rehab soon after.

In an accident


Even celebrities are made of flesh and blood, just like the rest of us, and aren’t immune to injuries, or even worse, when an accident happens. Ozzy Osbourne’s celebrity protection officer resuscitated him after a quad bike crash on his estate. The ability to stay calm under pressure and use their training saved Black Sabbath star Ozzy’s life. While a celebrity protection officer is there to prevent violent attacks against a celebrity or to stop them from being hounded by stalkers or crushed by fans, their ultimate aim is the protection of human life.

While celebrities may not always like the fact that they need to go out with a bodyguard, celebrity protection officers can actually provide A-listers with the freedom and peace of mind they need to live their lives in safety.

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