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10 signs you may need a personal bodyguard

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While most people may think you only need a personal bodyguard if you are an A-list celebrity or royalty, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

It goes without saying that a bodyguard is vital for celebrities with crowd-control issues, fears over stalkers, dangers of being mobbed or of being plagued by paparazzi. But it is definitely not just high-profile movie or music stars who need close protection services.

Here are the 10 signs that you may need to hire a personal bodyguard


1. You are a CEO in charge of a big company

While you might not be a household name, if you are a CEO or executive in control of large organizations or corporations where your budget is in the millions or billions, you could have safety risks. You may need a personal bodyguard to protect you from kidnap threats, corporate security issues, rivals, corporate activists or former employees with a grudge.

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2. You handle large sums of cash

You don’t have to be in charge of a company for you to be at risk. If you are transporting either valuables or money from place to place on behalf of the firm you work for, or even confidential documentation, you may be targeted by opportunist or highly-organized thieves. A personal bodyguard is specially trained to detect any potentially suspicious behaviour from those around you as you travel to make sure that you, and your precious cargo, reaches its destination unharmed.

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3. You suddenly find yourself in the public eye

It’s not just major celebrities who find themselves making the headlines. You may find that your circumstances change, either for good or bad, and you need personal protection. For instance, you may just have won a large sum of cash, or you could be the witness to a crime. Either will leave you open to risk.

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4. You’ve come out of a bad relationship

You only have to read the news to see how many murders are committed by disgruntled ex-partners. If you are a divorcee or have been the victim of domestic violence in a previous relationship, it could give you peace of mind, prevent further conflict, and even save your life, to hire a personal bodyguard. Your bodyguard can stay with you if there is the need for a visit to your home to collect personal belongings, for instance.

5. You are a high-net-worth individual

You may still be working, you may have retired, or you may have a large inheritance. Whatever the reason you have a high-net-worth, there will always be those who would like to get their hands on your wealth. Private security or a personal bodyguard will protect you and your home.


6. You work in politics

There’s a reason that people say not to talk about politics in polite company or at the dinner table, and that’s because it evokes such strong emotions and opinions. The most high-profile assassination was, of course, John F. Kennedy, but you don’t have to be president to be at risk. There are, tragically, plenty of minor political figures who have been killed or injured because of their work and beliefs. You may be particularly at risk if you are attending a political rally or speech, or you are carrying confidential documents. Security experts will be able to carry out an assessment of your risk level before matching you with a personal bodyguard to meet your needs.

7. You are living, working or traveling in risky areas

It’s just a fact of life that some areas of the world are riskier than others to stay or travel in. Business travellers have been targeted and taken for kidnap and ransom in places such as Indonesia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. You could be at risk because you are traveling somewhere where kidnap has become a way to make a living for poor individuals, or because of religious, ethnic or terrorism-related conflict. If you are traveling to part of the world where you feel you could be at risk, it’s worth making sure you stay safe by hiring close protection experts.

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8. You want to protect your family

It can be easy to have a laissez faire approach to your own safety. But how about the safety of your family? If you are a high-profile or high-net-worth individual, you could find that your loved ones are also targeted by criminals or those who are jealous or resentful for any reason.

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9. To protect your home

If you’ve worked hard to provide a lovely home, or homes, for you and your family, the last thing you want is to become a target simply because you live in a beautiful property. A personal bodyguard can escort you home and make sure that your house is safe and free from intruders before you enter. They will also be able to give you expert advice on how you could beef up your security.

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10. For ultimate peace of mind

You want to be able to live life as you want, even if you are in the public eye for some reason or you are at risk because of your business activities. Securing the services of a personal bodyguard can ensure that you can relax and live your life because it is their job to keep you safe.

If you feel you may need a personal bodyguard for any reason, you can always book and appointment or contact us to talk about your needs and concerns.

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